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Angie’s List

Hello all!    It’s been awhile, most posts  have been happening over at the Spirituality Blog the last few months.  But this is all about straight up Blessings business, so I wanted to post this here. We have begun to … Continue reading

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Jamie Oliver TED Talk

Hello all!  Blogger Slacker Returns 🙂 I’ve had several conversations with people lately about food.  Not just about what to have for dinner, but why we are choosing what to eat.  Local?  Organic? Free Trade?  Healthy?  Not?  What really matters … Continue reading

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Distance Healing Part I

About half of my practice involves working with clients of all ages at a distance.  I’ve recently received more questions about “what is it?” and “how does it work?” so I’m going to do a few basics here.  Please understand … Continue reading

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Ritual, Incense and Ritual Incense

Hello all 🙂 Several people asked me weeks ago to order incense and it has arrived.  Much of this comes from Nepal, made by hand by the monks, and the rest from Japan, and has been on back order.  I … Continue reading

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Best Foot Patches Ever!

For those of you who have tried the Gold detox foot patches and wanted more, and update: I was no longer able to get them from my previous supplier at a reasonable cost so I have been on a quest … Continue reading

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Health, Healing and Curing

Healing knows that it sometimes hurts to let go, but sometimes it hurts even more to hold on. Healing is about taking the judgments, projections or expectations off of the situation and instead moving to a place of discovering your own capacity for life, hope and transformation. Cures are about fights, battles and comparisons—how you stack up to others, to the DSM or ICD-9, how it will be when this “problem” is cut off, away, out, removed or restored. We “fight the enemies” of depression, cancer and a myriad of other conditions, seeing them as outside of us, apart from us instead of a part of us. Healing is about gratitude for what is, about finding meaning in what underlies whatever is seeking healing, somehow knowing the thing you are seeking is probably the thing causing you to seek. Healing is about resilience, a capacity for life and all life brings without judgments or labels. Healing inevitably liberates something within us we didn’t even know we had, and brings with it the power of creative transformation. Healing may even involve inviting the “enemy” in like a wise teacher, offering it a cup of tea and really sitting with it to see what this invader might be bringing to us. Continue reading

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