Love is all there is…

Someone sent this to me this a while back and I loved it, so I thought I’d pass it along.  As I recall, Marlene Soul of the Sohl Connection in KC sent this.  It’s a nice reminder today.

Peace 🙂


To resist change is futile – it just causes more heartache.  Embrace  what you have, leave the rest and move on.

Love is all there is.

The only way to deal with reality is to face it.

The only way to face reality is to accept it.

The only way to accept reality is to embrace it.

Then you can let it go.

POWER emerges when it’s not constrained by the past.

GRAB your POWER and then CHANGE your reality.

“If you are faced with a challenge, refuse to be panic stricken.  Life has not ended for you.  Life flows on.  Declare for yourself: I accept the reality of this situation but not it’s permanence.”  Eric  Butterworth


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