Happenings at MABA

This pic was lifted from the MABA site, but this is what it looks like out there as the sun comes up.  It’s a gorgeous and peaceful place.  The monastics are going to be entering into their winter retreat, but I wanted to post this for New Year’s Eve and the winter study groups.  Happy New Year to all of you, peace and blessings and good vibes!  The rest is a straight cut/paste from their flier.   I hope this finds all well and at peace.  I will post again in 2011!

Dear Friends,

See information from MABA below on

1. New Year’s Blessing Assembly

2. Monastic Retreat Schedule

3. Mahayana Buddhist Study Group

4. Sunday Schedule and Meditation Instruction for the Winter 2011

This will be one of the few emails from us until March 2011.

Dharma Blessing Assembly  At MABA  Friday, December 31, 2010

7:00pm Arrival & snack

8:00 Sitting and Walking Meditation

9:00 Sharing & Tea with the Monastics

10:10 Prepare coats and shoes

10:20 Dharma Talk by Master Jiru

11:00 Loving Kindness Meditation/Reciting Buddha’s Name

11:30 Offering of Regrets & Intentions, Light

Candles, walking around the Standing Buddha.

Ring the bell at 12:00 midnight for the blessing and peace to all sentient beings.

All are welcome!

A Very Happy, Healthy, and Peaceful New Year


Monastic Winter Retreat Schedule

The Monastics will be in Retreat from January 3 through March 27, 2011. Laypersons are welcome to join the Monastics for a week or longer. The weeks are divided into Meditation Weeks and Meditation/Study Weeks. The schedule is attached for those interested. A reservation is required.

Please contact Ven. Kungshih at office@maba-usa.org


Mahayana Buddhist Study Group Chesterfield, MO

7-9 pm on every other Thursday, starting Jan. 6, 2011

Information has already been sent. If you are interested, it is not too late to join our Study of the Lankavatara Sutra. Contact Don shushu at  donshush@yahoo.com


Sunday Schedule at MABA  from January 2 through March 27, 2011

Please see below the MABA Schedule during the 2011 Winter Retreat. The Monastics will be in retreat during January, February, and March. During this Retreat period there will not be any formal Dharma talks. Instead there will be two meditation sittings for experienced meditators. For those who are not as experienced, there will be meditation instruction and a discussion group.

Those who attend most or all of the discussion groups will be well prepared for the Spring Mayahana Buddhist Study Group.

2011 Winter Sunday Schedule

When weather is an issue, please consult your email or call MABA

9:45 am – Arrive

10:00 am – Sitting Meditation

(or Introduction to Meditation to Beginners

& Open Discussion With Senior Dharma Student- see schedule below)

10:40 am – Walking Meditation (Discussion Group joins)

10:55 am – Sitting Meditation (Discussion Group joins)

11:30 am – Chanting

11:45 am – Vegetarian Lunch

Schedule of the 10-10:40 Morning Discussion

Downstairs in the Library

Each Discussion will begin at 10 am with a 15 minute meditation orientation regarding sitting and walking meditation practice.

We will also have a loose, informal, discussion about a topic related to Buddhism facilitated by one of the senior students. We plan to have a booklet put together on each topic for those interested. Topics are listed below.

Date Topic Facilitator

Jan 2 — Four Foundations of Mindfulness I – Xianyi Sharon

1. Jan 9 — Four Foundations of Mindfulness II — Xianzhi Katty

2. Jan 16 — Giving- Dana (starting point for Anupubbi-katha) – Xiankuan Don

3. Jan 23 — Virtue (Sila) – Xianyi Sharon

4. Jan 30 — Heavens (Sagga) (Realms and Brahma-vihara) –Xiankuan Don

5. Feb 6 — Gratification, Danger, Escape kāmānaṃ ādīnava — Xianzhi Katty

6. Feb 13 — Renunciation nekkhamma – Xianyi Sharon

7. Feb 20 — First Noble Truth of Suffering Dukkha (Four Noble Truths cattāri ariya-

Saccāni — Xianwen Tracy

8. Feb 27 — Cause of Suffering – Tanha –Xiankuan Don

9. March 6 — Cessation of Suffering Nibbana — Xianzhi Katty

10. March 13 — Eightfold Path to the Cessation of Suffering – – Xianyi Sharon

11.March 20 — Triple Jewel triratna — Xianwen Tracy

12. March 27 – Three Baskets Tipitaka (Preparing for Study of In the Buddha’s Words) –

Xiankuan Don




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