Spirituality of Grief and Joy

Hello! 🙂

I received a few questions this week about the differences in the blogs I write, so allow me to clarify a few things about the differences in the blogs from Blessings Enterprises...

The Blessings Blog  you are now reading was created to discuss topics specifically related to the work we do at Blessings Enterprises.  So I will post things about events, education, cool healing things happening around town, blog about healing or techniques, have a thought of the day or whatever.

But since so many of my clients are out of town, I didn’t want to just fill your in-box with things that won’t always apply.  Thus the Spirituality blog was started…there you will find posts on random ponderings, healing, spiritual practices, healing ideas, grief, joy, ways to walk the path and so on.  Those posts tend to be a bit more personal in nature and are more reflective and spiritual in their approach.  So if you are looking for that type of thing as well, you can subscribe those posts too.  You can find that link here.

I promise your in-box won’t be inundated with tons of mail, I generally post on one or the other every week or so, sometimes more or less but on average about once a week.   Recent posts on the Spirituality Blog  have been about living your dreams; things we do when upset or under stress and how to manage that without reacting; loving-kindness practices; grief, joy and so on.  The most recent post is a reflection on Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and non-violent approaches to ourselves and others as we walk the path and live our dreams.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly or check out the Spirituality Blog.  Thanks, have a  great day!

peace 🙂


About Terri

Author, teacher, wanderer, lover of coffee, mountains and deserts.
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