Free acupuncture

Hello all!  For those of you wanting to try some free acupuncture by skillful practitioners in a great setting, John and Bryan at Community Acupuncture of St. Louis are offering it as a means of intro and celebration of their recent purchase of Holistic Fitness, a one-stop shop for massage, colonics, and more.

An excerpt from their announcement:

“Bryan and I are licensed acupuncturists who own and operate Community Acupuncture of St Louis. For those of you who don’t know our clinic, we provide treatments in a group setting, with patients relaxing in recliners during their treatments. All treatments are on a sliding scale, with patients choosing their fees between $20 and $35. We’ve recently expanded our clinic in the city and don’t plan to offer acupuncture at Holifit.

We’d like to invite all of you to try a free acupuncture treatment at Community Acupuncture. Please call the clinic at 314-772-4325 to book your free visit. You can also visit our clinic’s website at”

If you have never been to Community Acupuncture of STL, check them out– Community Acupuncture is a nationwide model for healing and works on a sliding scale basis.
If you decide to go to Holistic Fitness be sure to check out a head massage and ear candling from Angie– it feels so good that after she is done rubbin your head you don’t care if she sets it on fire 😉    Karen and the other practitioners provide wonderful colon hydrotherapy services, and Dr. Anne Roulo offers a unique approach to chiropractic, NET and other treatments as well.

These are all people I have used for my own health care, have had fruitful benefits and trust completely.  Tell them you found them on the blessings blog!

Thanks, have a good day 🙂


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