A Child at Heart Article

A really great article by Dr. Mark, called A Child at Heart.

An excerpt….

The Shackles of Time

“I have noticed that many people lose the ability to be innocent and fun as they get older. Is there a rule that we have to become grumpy and conservative as we get further and further into adulthood? At some point, throwing the ball around in the front yard becomes a waste of time, swimming pools are for kids, and “I’m not driving all that way just to stand in line all day to ride a few roller coasters and pay $7 for a bottle of water!”

I was about to ask if that sounded familiar to you, but then realized that some of it was a bit too familiar to me.

Somewhere along the way, that little kid in all of us gets buried under a lifetime of events. Death, loss, fear, uncertainty, worry, and pain create a barricade that just seems to get higher and higher as time marches on. Before we know it, we’ve shackled ourselves with chains we cannot even see….”

What do you do, how do you give and celebrate each day, breathing into the heart, experiencing it with Beginner’s Mind, as a child, getting in touch with your own wisdom?  What is your practice for this?




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