we are live!

ok, ok…i did it.

People have been asking me for 3 years to do a blog and i was never really willing to do it.   But the time has come.

So– ask a question, make a comment, let us know about something cool happenin in your neighborhood that is about health and healing, share what healing means to you or just delight us with your favorite quote or thought of the day.

Fair warning:  If you share something profound or enlightening, it might end up in the book  Missy Bradley and I are working on.  If you share something vile, lewd, crude or socially unacceptable– fair warning– be careful or you might end up in my novel 😉

Welcome to the blessings blog.  Have a great day!


About Terri

Author, teacher, wanderer, lover of coffee, mountains and deserts.
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2 Responses to we are live!

  1. The kitten says:

    You rock!!

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