New Moon…

Tonight is the dark of the moon, the new moon, and also a time of solar eclipse.  This is a total solar eclipse and for those that are interested in the specifics regarding path of totality, duration etc. detailed information can be found at NASA-Total Solar Eclipse of 2010 July.

Tonight is actually the dark of the moon…when seeds are planted and changes take place.  Things are always born, die, and are conceived again and again…between the lifetimes and in the womb, in the times of death and rebirth, all of that is the dark moon time.  Since this is a dark moon with an eclipse, I looked up a few things on it….here is an interesting link,

but here’s a quick look at it…it’s a deep time, so much is changing, and the water element is so out of balance in the collective. It’s honestly making everyone a little wacky.

So, in this dark of the moon, I plant seeds of balance, hope, peace, love and new light.  And i wish this for all of us…

Night moon…

Night stars………


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